Garden-leslie-headshot-copy1-681x1024Leslie Cerier, a.k.a. The Organic Gourmet is an internationally recognized farm to table chef and cooking teacher with over 30 years experience specializing in vegetarian, vegan and gluten free meals for health and pleasure. Leslie celebrates the earth’s bounty by adapting meals to what is freshly picked and plentiful. For Leslie, it’s all about the yum! Through six cookbooks, including Gluten-Free Recipes for the Conscious Cook and Going Wild in the Kitchen; sold out classes, and Chef trainings across the globe, developing recipes for organic and natural food companies, and wellness coaching with expertise in creating recipes for individuals with dietary sensitivities. Leslie has been featured in Organic Spa magazine, Huffington Post, L A Times, and has been a frequent TV, radio and guest presenter.
Leslie resides in Amherst, MA, where she teaches private hands on cooking classes and Luxurious Organic Gourmet Retreats cooking fresh from her organic garden.

Leslie Cerier is the author of six cookbooks:

Featured Chef in The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook, Feel – Good Food for Home Cooks ( Skyhorse Publishing, 2015, edited by Robyn Griggs Lawrence)

Recipe Developer for many organic and natural foods companies: And Leslie also develops recipes for individuals with food sensitivities and special diets

  • Deans Beans  (organic and fair trade coffee and cocoa recipe and video)
  • Nutiva (organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic coconut manna, organic coconut sugar, organic coconut flour, organic hemp seeds, organic hemp oil, organic chia seeds, organic red palm oil, organic buttery spread, organic shortening, and organic sunflower red palm blend oil)
  • Equal Exchange (Organic 80% dark chocolate Panama bars, organic cocoa, organic cashews, organic honey, organic almonds, organic chocolate chips)
  • Green and Blacks (organic vegan chocolate recipes)
  • Coombs Vermont Gourmet (organic maple syrup)
  • Lotus Foods (Organic Jade Pearl Rice™ and Organic Madagascar Pink Rice™, organic Forbidden ramen noodles, organic Millet and Brown Rice Ramen Noodles and Organic Jade Pearl Rice Ramen Noodle)
  • The Teff Company (teff grain and teff flour)
  • Eat Naturall (recipe for Buckwheat Almond Pancakes; Vegan, Gluten-free product)

Naturally, the perfect marriage of her culinary knowledge and aptitude has also resulted in many requested appearances around the country. Leslie has been interviewed by the

  • Television Food Network
  • WWLP TV (NBC TV affiliate Channel 22)
  • Foxnews.com
  • Jazzyvegetarian.com
  • thedrdonshow.com
  • Numerous national radio programs

Quoted in the

Recognized and featured in

Leslie’s recipes have also been featured on dozens of websites, blogs, and food packages:

      • Wholegrainscouncil.org
      • Nutiva.com
      • Equalexchange.coop
      • Lotusfoods.com
      • Kripalu.org
      • Naturaleyecare.com
      • Organiccenter.org
      • Shilohfarms.com
      • Navitasnaturals.com
      • Frontiercoop.com
      • Bobsredmill.com
      • Vegkitchen.com
      • kriscarr.com
      • Many more!



    • Leslie also teaches exciting cooking classes in some of the most prestigious centers of holistic evolution and organic lifestyle. And she regularly teaches private and group classes in Western MA and throughout the world. Clients come to Leslie as well as bring her to them.  
            • Rancho La Puerta,a famous fitness resort and spa in Mexico
            • Esalen Institute, in Big Sur, CA
            • Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, in the Berkshires of Massachusetts
            • Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY.
            • Kripalu, Esalen Institute, Omega, and many other workshops, Leslie teaches offer Continuing Education Credits.
            • Taught nutritionists at Canyon Ranch, Lenox, MA
            • Frontier Natural Products Co-op’s Herb Fest
            • Northeast Organic Farming Association, Amherst, MA
            • Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Health in New York City
            • New York Open Center; NY, NY
            •   Open Center Online Learning
            • 3rd annual Gluten-Free Culinary Summit, R I
            • Hazon Food Conference CT
            • Whole Foods New England Demo Group on behalf of Simply Organics
            • NE Women’s Herbal Conference NH
            • BlessFest; Hampshire College, Amherst, MA



        • Chef Trainings/Consulting  
              • Guest Chef/Consultant for University of Massachusetts Residential Dining Services, designing the Earth Day menu with local, seasonal and organic produce and teaching their chefs vegetarian and gluten-free cooking.
              • Trained chefs and was the Head Chef for Alberto Villoido’s Detox program, Grow a New Body at Los Lobos Lodge in Chile
              • Gluten free baking (with teff flour) to the baker at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, MA
              • Easy Gluten-Free Menu Makeovers for Restaurants and the Public: Franklin Regional Council of Government’s Cooperative Public Health Service, Greenfield, MA





      • Leslie has a master’s degree from Teachers College, Columbia University in Movement Sciences and Education and has taught at 
            • Barnard College, Columbia University
            • Eastern Kentucky University
            • Sarah Lawrence College
            • Amherst College
            • Hampshire College

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        Photo of Leslie by Tracey Eller



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