Loving Kindness in the Kitchen; Luscious Organic Lifestyle Retreat

Autumn Greetings!

I have been cooking and writing about loving kindness in the kitchen. All the hands of love that have touched our food, from the seed to the table. Will this be a new book. Maybe? However, it is definitely one of the themes of my Fall schedule of presentations, hands on cooking classes, and my new year round Luscious Organic Lifestyle Retreats.

I invite you to join me for classes, events and a luscious organic lifestyle retreat immersed in nature.

Come learn my technique for creating “the yum in your life”.

I have 2 hands on farm to table organic, vegetarian cooking classes coming up in Amherst, MA. And several speaking events, please see my most up to date schedule on my website www.lesliecerier.com/classes And feel free to contact me for private classes, too.

Please register soon, and bring your friends and family.

Sunday, October 6, 1-3PM; Yoga Center Amherst; 17 Kellogg Avenue, 2nd floor, Amherst, MA

How can we use more fresh local produce year round to create healthy and delicious meals?… Come learn the playful art of mix and match with our local harvest.  Create wonderful, delicious meals for health and pleasure. Tasty samples offered!

Vegetarian Cooking From the Heart, From the Seed to the Table; Sunday October 27th; 11AM-2:30PM

In this hands-on, vegetarian cooking class, Leslie Cerier will present the playful art of mix and match with the bounty from our local harvest. In the process of cooking and eating our lunch, discover whole foods that are pleasurable, delicious, health-enhancing, and nutritious…

For more information and to register, please click here

Loving Kindness in the Kitchen, From the Seed to the Table; Sunday, November 10, 11AM-2:30PM; Amherst, MA

Loving Kindness in the Kitchen brings our total awareness, engages our sensuality as we open up to all the hands of love that touched our food from the seed to the table. Through excited curiosity, our culinary adventure begins. Leslie will guide us in the playful art of mix and match with the bounty from our local organic vegetarian harvest. We choose ingredients, accommodating everyone’s dietary needs, moods and desires. Then we will cook and eat our lunch…

For more information and to register, please click here

And if you are coming from out of town, please consider staying with me. I have 2 rooms that I offer for Luscious Organic Lifestyle Retreats and often make them available to folks coming for cooking classes

And with the seasons changing, Autumn’s magnificent colors are on their way. Come experience my sanctuary. Immersed in nature, come learn how to incorporate a nourishing home environment with the art of self care, gourmet vegetarian, organic farm to table meals, and “loving kindness” hands on cooking classes. Come for a weekend, a few days or a whole week. The beauty, nourishment and peace will follow you home.

Please Contact Leslie at leslie@lesliecerier.com for availability dates to book your Luscious Organic Lifestyle Retreat.

See you soon

Wishing you Joy


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Contact Leslie at leslie@lesliecerier.com

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