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Swapping Ingredients; Fixing Seasonings

Leslie Cerier's Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie

Today, I had fun making this Sweet Potato Pie, swapping ingredients and procedures and having it come out fine. First, I decided to swap hazelnut oil for virgin coconut oil. Got to admit, I do like the flavor of coconut better in pastries, but this vegan pie is still delicious. Then in my Continue reading

Cast Iron, The Original Non Stick Cookware

Greens Stir Fry with Goji Berries and CashewsFrom pancakes, pilafs, quick and easy stir fries, fresh baked pastries, simmered sauces, roasted veggies and even fried eggs, I love using cast iron cookware. It is the ideal surface for cooking any food with a variety of healthy fats. Griddles, skillets, woks, loaf pans, dutch ovens, cast iron cookware comes in big and small sizes. They are the original non stick cookware. Forget about the synthetic non stick pans. In fact, when my private coaching clients and workshop participants ask Continue reading

Buckwheat Flour Makes Great Pancakes

Organic Gourmet Breakfast pancakes and fruit salad

My friend Linda came to Esalen Institute when I taught 2 hands organic farm to table vegetarian cooking classes. She had a revelation after eating my buckwheat pancakes. The quick and easy gluten-free buckwheat pancakes I taught in my breakfast class were deliciously light unlike the heavy ones from her childhood memories. Continue reading

Recipe First Aid

At Esalen, Leslie Stirs chopped fresh herbs into a saladWhen a recipe goes awry…. fixing mistakes in the kitchen…

Mistakes happen even to the most experienced chefs but that’s how new recipes get made… Recently I was cooking for a client, who does not eat garlic or onions. So I explored a new spice Continue reading

7 Ways to Make Balanced Meals in a Busy Life

gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, organic lemony-quinoa-saladMy daughter Michelle became the catalyst for some recent change. She is well onto building her own life and getting ready to live a dream abroad. She came home to visit before leaving. One night we started looking through closets and the basement. “Out with the old!” I am now in the process of letting go of old furniture and useless stuff. Boy does it feel lighter! I too am looking to create a new chapter. Continue reading