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Orange Poppy Seed Cake

Orange Poppy Seed Cake is Gluten Free and Delicious

This Orange Poppy Seed Cake can be eaten for breakfast and is fabulous served as a dessert too. Use organic oranges to make your own fresh squeezed orange juice and grated orange zest for a naturally sweet and bold flavor. I like to use 3 different flours – teff, brown rice and coconut – to create a very satisfying gluten-free cake. By the way, don’t worry that the cake batter is unusually thick. You are in for a healthy treat.Ingredients

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Leslie’s Savory Gluten-Free Teff Flour Pie Crust

Leslie's Savory Gluten-Free Teff Flour Pie CrustHere’s a quick and easy gluten-free pie crust perfect for a savory quiche. The ground flax make it like a graham cracker like crust. Simply press it in; bake and add your favorite pie filling. Continue reading