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Happy Holidays!

Hope you had fun with your family! Here I am with one of my daughters, Emily, flying me, while my other daughter Michelle is photographing us. Soon Michelle and I will switch roles. Then we cook and eat some more.

And Wow! What a year! Thank-you for your support and enthusiasm for my group cooking classes, organic farm to table vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free personal chef services; my Impressionistic Nature Photography; create your own A La Carte Luscious Organic Lifestyle Retreat, and for bringing friends and family to private cooking classes.

Thanks to the Teff Company, Coombs Family Farms and Deans Beans; companies I developed recipes for in 2017.

All your support means a lot to me. I am grateful to all of you.

To kick off 2018, I will be teaching in my home kitchen in the beautiful woods of Western Massachusetts.


For more information see below:

Continuing on the theme of Eating Your Way to Strong Bones, please join me Sunday January 21st Hands on Cooking Class, Creative Cooking with Sea Vegetables in Amherst, MA January 21st, 2PM-5:30 PM. Versatile, tasty, available all year round, sea vegetables are a rich source of minerals, vitamins and fiber. Their health benefits are legendary: regular consumption has been linked to reduced rates of some illnesses and, in sufficient quantity, some sea vegetables are purported to help fight the effects of radiation, plus they’re great for the hair and skin. Alaria, arame, dulse, kelp, nori… learn which are best to flavor soups and which cradle sushi, which complement bean dishes and which sparkle in salads… Class size is limited. Cost is $75/per person for a class, paid in advance to Leslie Cerier or $100 at the door if there is room.Thanks for coming to my cooking classes in 2017! Starting off 2018, I will be teaching in my home kitchen, where I started teaching 30 years ago and still love to cook, teach, eat, and live in the beautiful woods of Western Massachusetts.

For more information and to register:

Join me on Sunday, January 28th in Amherst, MA, for my popular Vegetarian Express, Quick Meals with Real Whole Foods. In this hands-on, vegetarian cooking class, gourmet organic chef, teacher, and cookbook author Leslie Cerier presents delicious whole foods that are quick, easy to prepare, health enhancing, and nutritious. We will prepare dishes for our lunch by mixing and matching fresh, organic, and seasonal vegetables, herbs with quick-cooking organic vegetarian proteins…. Class size is limited. For more information and to register:

Cost per class is $75, paid in advance to Leslie Cerier or $100 at the door if there is room. For more information, please email Leslie: or call Leslie on her landline: 413-259-1695; no Texts

Both workshops are great for novice and experienced home cooks.

Registered Dietitians (RD) and Dietetic Technicians (DTR) can get 3 CPEU Credits for taking each workshop, too. No extra charge.

Please come and spread the word. And if you are coming from out of town, I have room for up to 4 people. Please email me to reserve your organic B&B room early as rooms are limited:

I will be adding more cooking classes throughout the year, so be sure to check for my latest schedule.

The A La Carte Luscious Organic Lifestyle Retreat immersed in nature

That’s right, did you know that you can customize your gourmet getaway weekend to include bed and breakfast, 2 to 8 hours of hands on private cooking lessons and custom designed meals? 

To plan your A La Carte Gourmet Getaway weekend, email

In the warmer months, we can go into my organic garden and harvest vegetables, herbs and edible flowers for your meals and lessons.Leslie home and garden facing south


And HUGE thanks to all the organic farmers worldwide that sustain the earth and grow our food. They make it easy for me as a chef to cook up delicious dishes.

Here are some new recipes with beautiful food photography by Tracey Eller:

  • Moroccan Yams and Carrots with French Lentils
  • Asian Cole Slaw with Ginger and Parsley
  • Pizza with Chevre, Tomatoes and Greens, finally the gluten-free pie crust with no xanthan gum
  • Feta Cheese Pie
  • Strawberry Mango Pecan Fruit Crisp
  • luscious Mocha Cake and its gluten-free
  • Cranberry and Date Scones

There will be more new recipes coming soon. Posted more often than I send out this enewsletter. Please follow me on facebook

How about you? How are you bringing in light and celebrating in the winter?

All the best for the happiest, healthiest and most delicious new year!

Gourmet Getaway Weekend with Leslie Cerier, The Organic Gourmet

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