Come to one of my upcoming cooking classes. Here’s a sneak peak!

Reservations 800-443-7565
Reservations 800-443-7565
Reservations 800-443-7565
Reservations 800-443-7565
Reservations 800-443-7565

2019-2020 Farm to Table Hands On Cooking Classes and Events

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The Yoga of Service in the Kitchen: Vegetarian Cooking from the Heart; Blessfest, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA; July 26, 1-2PM

Come learn how to mix and match the local organic harvest of vegetables and herbs to make flavorful, quick and easy vegetarian meals that will enhance your life and energy with Organic Chef Leslie Cerier. The dishes from this workshop will be donated to the local Food Bank following the workshop and ingredients also sourced from local producers.

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Private Hands On Organic Farm to Table Cooking Class

Leslie teaching cooking at EsalenBook a 2, 3, or 4 hour customized private hands-on, organic farm to table vegetarian, vegan or gluten free cooking class for yourself, your family, friends or your group. Come cook and feast on exciting dishes for your health and pleasure. From June – November we will go into Leslie’s organic garden and pick fresh ingredients for your lesson.

And you get to pack up everything we make and take it home with you. Overnight accommodations available at Leslie’s Organic B&B for extra fees.

Contact Leslie at or call 413-259-1695 (landline, no texts) to schedule your lesson and discuss what you would like to learn. Leslie will have all the ingredients on hand for your lesson.

We can focus your lesson on cooking and eating to enhance your immune system, give you energy, rejuvenate your senses, keep your bones strong, and help you maintain an active lifestyle.  

You can Schedule your Private Hands On Organic Farm to Table Vegetarian Cooking Class or Bring Leslie to Your Kitchen

Leslie teaches private Hands on Cooking Classes in Shutesbury, MA, located near Amherst and Northampton, MA and is willing to travel to your home worldwide. Leslie also leads chef training worldwide.

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Organic Farm to Table Cooking Classes; Rancho La Puerta; Tecate Mexico; November 23-29, 2019

Lentil Stew, vegan, and gluten-freeJoin Leslie as the Guest Chef/Cooking Teacher at Rancho La Puerta, the Organic Spa in Tecate Mexico for fun and inspiring hands on vegetarian, farm to table cooking classes. Set in the heart of a six-acre organic farm, La Cocina Que Canta (“The Kitchen That Sings!”) we will cook our dinner with just-picked organic ingredients. The colors, aromas, and tastes that emanate from our meal are fun to prepare and amazingly delicious.

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Organic Farm to Table Cooking Classes; Rancho La Puerta; Tecate Mexico; February 8-15, 2020

Leslie Picking CarrotsJoin Leslie as the Guest Chef/Cooking Teacher at Rancho La Puerta, the Organic Spa in Tecate Mexico for fun and inspiring hands on vegetarian, farm to table cooking classes. Set in the heart of a six-acre organic farm, La Cocina Que Canta (“The Kitchen That Sings!”) we will cook our dinner with just-picked organic ingredients. The colors, aromas, and tastes that emanate from our meal are fun to prepare and amazingly delicious.

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Gourmet Getaway Packages

Come and experience delicious organic lifestyle, a fabulous energizing and extraordinary gourmet getaway in Amherst, MA. Come for a weekend; 1 week, 1, 2, 3 or more days during the week. You can take private cooking lessons, enjoy farm to table meals, hike on trails out the back door, bike, snow shoe, swim, recharge and relax immersed in nature.

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Gourmet Getaway Weekend

4 luscious vegetarian dishes, Leslie created for Nutiva

Come feast and learn how to cook luscious farm to table, organic vegetarian meals with Leslie Cerier in the beautiful woods in Western Massachusetts!

Email to book your Gourmet Getaway Weekend

What a fun day!  Thank you again  for a delicious cooking class~ You & Your Home are so relaxing & calm & peaceful ~ See you soon

-Pat Antaya, Sutton, MA; April 2019

I started looking for some activities for my husband’s birthday that is on March 18th, and I searched for two months for some activities to do on that weekend. We’re both vegan and we always wanted to go to a vegan cooking class, so I thought that would be a nice way to celebrate. We live in Boston and there are several cooking classes close by, but none of them were in that specific weekend. I kept looking online until I came across Leslie’s cooking class and it sounded like a really good option to me. It was a little far but we enjoyed the scenic ride with some music, stories and laughter. When we got there I immediately knew I had made the perfect choice, Leslie’s class was not only an amazing cooking class, but also a whole lifestyle experience that inspired us to continue on this journey towards health and wellness. Her house is just in perfect equilibrium with the environment, she has a garden right outside the house and she wholeheartedly shared invaluable life experiences that were extremely enriching. Thank you Leslie for opening you home to us.

– Natalie Lopez, Boston MA; March 2019

Thank you so much for a fun, relaxing, Educational & Delicious class.

– Pat Antaya, Sutton, MA; March 2019

I just returned from a fabulous weekend workshop organized and taught by Leslie Cerier. My friend and I got to truly enjoy the experience by staying in Leslie’s amazing Organic B&B. My biggest takeaway from the workshop is experiment with new ingredients. I sometimes get in a rut cooking the same few dishes I like. What I appreciated is about how much creativity goes into cooking, how many ingredients we are not familiar with, and how many new dishes can be created with just a few minor changes. This weekend we got to try an awesome quinoa macaroni, black rice noodles, spiced chocolate truffles, red lentil dahl, Napa cabbage salad and so much more. Thank you Leslie for this experience! Can’t wait to learn more!

-Lana Camiel, Somerville, MA; July 2018

“My friend, Trish Yauch, and I Julie Mc Kay took your hands on vegetarian cooking workshop, Savoring Life, Luscious Cooking for Health at Kripalu last Fall, and have been practicing your recipes. On Saturday, we led a one day retreat at my home yoga studio in Stow, MA for 14 lovely women, and served up a terrific lunch. We are so grateful for all the wisdom you shared.”

-Julie McKay, March 2017

It has been my good fortune to have taken 2 workshops with Leslie Cerier this summer. It was instructive, practical and fun. I tasted and experienced new foods, learned cooking techniques, and prepared many new recipes.  I highly recommend you taking a workshop with Leslie.

– Rosemary Fortino, participant in Cooking for Digestive Health and Happiness July 2016 and Savoring Life, Luscious Cooking for Health September 2016

I had the pleasure of attending the Cooking for Digestive Health Workshop at Kripalu Centre for Yoga and Health. Leslie shared her passion for organic vegetarian cooking in a fun and interactive program. Since returning home, I have been eating a lot more greens, beets, legumes, hemp seeds etc.. Who knew it would be so easy to create vegetarian meals for my family 2-3 nights per week. I am using Leslie’s Gluten Free cookbook and have been inspired to introduce new gluten free pasta and beans into our meals. I am enjoying Tiger Nuts and fruit for my morning and afternoon snack at work. I am feeling much more energized and healthy.

Today, I am taking my mom for lunch to a vegetarian restaurant; a first for her. I even had a man ask me at a baseball game where I bought Tiger nuts….. he was looking for them and could not find them. I am feeling better eating Tiger nuts at the ballgame with water rather than hotdogs and beer.

With mentorship from Leslie and co-facilitator Kathie Swift, I am paying a lot more attention to my gut health; especially how my body reacts to sugar and fatty foods. This has lead me to make healthier choices in the kitchen and daily life. Leslie has motivated me to take time to purchase non-gmo organic fresh food and to chop, prepare and cook with positive energy. She encouraged me to take time daily to enjoy nature. Perhaps most importantly, she has inspired me to enjoy nutricious and delicious food while cooking and socializing with family and friends.

Treat yourself to a workshop with Leslie. Your body will thank you. By the way, sharing her Chocolate Truffles (I call them bliss balls!) with your friends may increase your invitations to social gatherings!

– Faye Yuen, MSW, RSW; Ottawa, Ontario; participant in Cooking for Digestive Health and Happiness July 2016

The moment I met Leslie Cerier and her daughter, Michelle, I noticed how remarkable their “Inner Light Sparkle” is and as we joyfully cooked together… I cherished their warm hearts and admired their exceptional good energy. I said to myself and my sister, Karen, ”We need some of how they are living in our lives, too !”. The good cooking, the good lifestyle, the good organic whole foods… all reflected and shimmering within Leslie and her daughter made me a believer. I was hooked and I will continue to seek out Leslie’s wisdom, intuitive take on healthy eating and abundant yummy recipes! She makes life so easy and enjoyable for all those fortunate enough to be in her presence… and in her kitchen and garden. As you may have guessed…Leslie knows how to live life fully outside of her love affair with food, too. She can’t get enough of a good time …whether she is splashing around in the lake, sharing a laugh or two with her friends or savoring one of her luscious dark chocolate truffles! I thoroughly enjoyed being and cooking with her and you will too! She will give you what you need plus lots more. I adoringly call Leslie …my One and Only” Organic Whole Foods Guru”!!! What I learned from Leslie truly changed my life…so be transformed and live a long active healthy life …start cooking with Leslie Cerier now!!!…Her cookbooks are a pleasure and so helpful, too.
– Diane Pomante, Manchester, MA; participant in Cooking for Digestive Health and Happiness July 2016

I had the most wondrous, magical time attending Leslie’s cooking class at Kripalu and I was fortunate enough to have my sister at my side. Leslie inspired us to get out of our “Comfort Zone”, i.e., our seats, and ride our white horses into the kitchen to join her there on our quest to actually enjoy the “Art of Cooking”. It seemed liked a far away place to me but I realized soon, thereafter, that it was filled with riches beyond compare. We were so fortunate to have Leslie as our instructor. She is a gourmet cook with a flair for adding her “sweetness” to every dish. I never really thought I could do this when I got home, however, I was delighted to find out that I was truly living a fairy tale. Attend one of her classes or workshops and make it a family affair that will be one to remember!!!

– Karen Rollins, Mt. Pleasant, SC, participant in Cooking for Digestive Health and Happiness July 2016

Thought of you, Leslie as I was shopping at whole foods earlier today and stocked up on everything organic and lots of sweet potato and butternut squash pre cut swirls to sautée . Your class really changed my mind set.

– Naomi Dorfman, NYC,NY, participant in Cooking for Digestive Health and Happiness July 2016

Reservations 800-443-7565
Reservations 800-443-7565
Reservations 800-443-7565
Reservations 800-443-7565
Reservations 800-443-7565
Reservations 800-443-7565
Reservations 800-443-7565

Thank you again for a fascinating class and an incredible weekend of new intriguing foods. I stopped on my way home and picked up Amaranth, Teff, Buckwheat flour, a good sized vat of Nutiva Coconut Oil & Red Palm Oil and a few other things. Next, I’ll be locating some of the other fun ingredients and get right into it. And thank you for such an enjoyable class. Your scintillation brought such warmth and excitement to the classroom. And now I am a day closer to going wild in my own kitchen.

– Laura Schoen, Boston, MA, participant in Vegetarian Express, Luscious Meals in Minutes May 2016

Your cooking and recipes are fantastic and you have helped so many to get on a better eating program. Took your class at Kripalu with my son. He is cooking up a storm with your great recipes! So am I! Namaste,

– Nancy Neal

First, thanks so much for teaching me conscious cooking last weekend (Jan 15-17, 2016) at Kripalu. I’m not sure if that was your intended lesson, but it certainly expanded my awareness of food preparation. Thanks again.

– Bruce Levkoff, CT

I just wanted to let you know that I loved spending the weekend learning from you. I just finished having a long dinner conversation with my husband and I had so many wonderful things to share that you taught me.

Please know that I LOVED your class, your energy, and your passion for healthy living. I am looking forward to trying many of your recipes from your website and I will be making the truffles as soon as I purchase the ingredients with my family. I also had so much confidence in just going for it in the kitchen and tasting as I go! Thank you again!

– Rebecca Geranis, ME; partipant in Spice It Up!, Creative Cooking with Herbs and Spices 2016

It was great to meet you at the Women’s Herbal Conference this weekend (August 2015). Thanks for the wonderful cooking classes you facilitated. Your style and the information you shared has empowered me to return to cooking more! I made the teff porridge with cinnamon and dates this morning (from your cookbook), and it was so amazing!!! I feel like I have more energy to start my day! I can’t wait to make more of the recipes. I feel so empowered and my jazz for cooking has returned, and I wanted to share this feedback with you. Thanks again!

– Ellen S

First, let me take a moment to thank you for teaching your classes at the Natural Gourmet. They were well received. I really enjoyed sitting in and listening to you. You have a nice and easy way about you and are generous with your information.

– Judith Friedman, Former Director of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Health, NYC

Leslie’s approach to cooking fits into my life.  Giving definitions of ingredients, easy-to-follow charts, clear directions, and substitutions/variations, Leslie has inspired me to eat healthier and to expand the repertoire of meals that I prepare.  Leslie’s recipes are quick and easy, and with a little advanced planning, they can be made when I get home from work.  I took a 5-day program with Leslie and found her to be very supportive, encouraging, and approachable – she answered every one of my many questions! Thank you again Leslie, for a wonderful workshop.  I hope our paths will cross again some day. Namaste

– Diane McNamara, Philadelphia, PA

I have always wanted to improvise as a cook, tailoring recipes to my tastes, my whims, and the ingredients I have on hand. What has been holding me back has been the nervousness of ruining a dish – making it too spicy, too bland, or creating a different texture. Through her hands-on cooking class, Leslie helped me to conquer this fear. She taught me how to adapt and personalize recipes, and also how to correct flavors at the end of the cooking process when I don’t like how they have come out. This has made all the difference in my cooking style, and I can confidently say that I now know how to “adjust to taste”.

– Amberly Tenney, workshop participant in “Spice It Up! Creative Cooking with Herbs and Spices  January 2014

I came home and was inspired by you. I cleaned out my pantry and realized I had some products right in my pantry that I thought I would have to buy… Your class was great and I enjoyed it immensely.  I also enjoyed your attitude towards food and your understanding and patience of those that are just starting to contemplate changes within themselves.

– Rasheeda, Dietician, Bronxville, New York Participant in Cooking for Womens Health

Thank you, Leslie! The private cooking class was absolutely wonderful. I made the tempeh stir fry last night, and it was a huge hit with my husband! He even said it was his favorite tempeh dish he had ever tasted! You have also inspired me to buy more locally grown produce. It really does make a difference!

– Sarah Selden, New York City May , 2014

Great Class! The instructions, guidelines and basic information were clear. The answers to specific questions were answered in detail. I believe I can apply this class to cooking at home.

– Lisa Moore, Sunderland, MA

Thanks for SUCH a great class… I already made the peanut butter choc. chip cookies w/ the teff flour … so yummy!  You empowered me — which is exactly what I needed … I needed to deconstruct my intimidation with things like quinoa … so thank you!  It’s been fun flipping through the book, I’m really glad I bought it.  Grrrreat to meet you — thanks again — I’m sure I will see you again.

– Love & Peace, Tricia Armstrong, Northampton, MA

Leslie gave me an experience that was hands on. Smelling, tasting different products that we cooked or that she bought in to sample. I am no longer intimidated by the process and when i see recipes now, that seem somewhat healthy, i think back and say to myself what would Leslie use as a substitute to make this meal more medicinal so i am getting the right nutrients so less supplements are needed.

– Annemarie, participant in Gluten-Free cooking class at Omega Institute, NY

I attended your gluten-free cooking weekend workshop at Kriipalu Center for Yoga and Wellness. I just wanted to tell you that guests that recently stayed with us at our bed and breakfast RAVED about the gluten free goodies I was able to prepare for them. I made the banana pancakes one day and the cranberry crisp another. Very yummy and as our guest said “its a keeper! Hope to see you again soon.

– Leslie Kiersted, Pickle Hill B and B, Binghamton NY 13901

I attended your workshop at Omega that you and Melinda Dennis did together. OMG I am still putting into place all the great things you taught us. I so loved your style of sharing – you are a wealth of information, it was so great that you shared so much as you demonstrated your fabulous recipes. I have shared your name and cook book titles with many coworkers and family members- I have two and they are both so wonderful. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you.

– Denise Fuller, Florida