Vegetarian Cooking From the Heart

Want to know how to cook and eat to thrive? The key is honoring your natural rhythm, stocking whole real foods, time management, engaging your senses, and finding out what you really like. Leslie will coach you how to make cooking fun and pleasurable. Leslie’s consultation includes great organic and seasonal recipes to help you break through poor eating habits, and transform your kitchen and your life.

Phone, Facetime and in person consulting tailored to your specific needs and diet to reach your health & wellness goals: $125/hour

Dietary Sensitivities

  • Alleviate food sensitivities and food allergies: dairy, nuts, gluten, corn, soy, garlic, among other ingredients: learn to substitute ingredients to reinvent recipes and thrive
  • Gluten-Free Cooking and Baking with Whole Real Foods
  • Transitioning to an Organic Vegan (dairy free), Vegetarian Diet and Lifestyle
  • How to Avoid Genetic Modified Foods, even without the labels (GMOs)
  • Menu Planning: Packed with Flavor and Nutrition for Seasonal, Delicious Meals Year Round

Ultra Wellness, Cooking and Eating for Health and Pleasure

  • Boost Gut Health
  • Accelerate Eating Your Way to Strong Bones
  • Boost Your Memory, Food to Feed Your Brain
  • Foods to Improve Athletic Performance: Increase Energy and Stamina
  • Kick Start Weight Loss: Eat Healthy Fat to Lose Weight
  • Nourishing Meals for Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Strengthen Immune System
  • Boost Your Health and Pleasure: Add super foods to your diet: goji berries, maca, sea vegetables, chia, hemp, coconut, cacao and more.
  • Recipes and Cooking Tips to Ease Inflammation; Anti-Inflammatory Cooking
  • Cooking Beans from Scratch: Cooking Tips to Aid Digestion and Make Delicious Meatless Meals
  • Spending the Least and Getting the Most: Shopping Tips for Your Local Harvest
  • How to make marvelous Meatless Meals
  • Meal and Menu Planning: Shopping and Cooking Tips for Flavor and Ultimate Health

Women’s Health

  • The Art of Self Care
  • Peri-menopause: Food, Body, Mind, Spirit for Well Being: Avoid painful periods and cramps
  • Menopause: How to avoid mood swings and hot flashes
  • Calcium without the Cow
  • Increase Libido: Food, Mood, Recipes and Lifestyle Tips
  • Organic Lifestyle
  • Enhance Pleasure, Sensuality and Sexuality
  • Sleep Well
  • Meal and Menu Planning: Nutritious, Delicious Meals all Year Long

Cooking for Health and Pleasure

  • Basics of Organic Farm to Table Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking for Novices and Experienced Cooks
  • Get Started with Delicious Quick Meals with Whole Real Foods
  • Spice It Up! Creative Cooking with Herbs and Spices
  • Blue Print for Plant Based Protein: Food Combining 101: Vegetarian and Vegan Proteins
  • Mix and match the local harvest to invent your own delicious seasonal recipes high in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals
  • Cooking with Cannabis
  • Planning Meals: By the Week, Seasonal Nutritious and Delicious Meals all Year Long

Organic Lifestyle and Sustainable Living

  • Organic Kitchen Design and Makeovers: Natural Building Materials, Counters, Cabinets, Appliances and Placement
  • Set Up Your Kitchen for Efficiency and Culinary Success: What to Stock, Where and How to Stock it: Ingredients, Cookware, Cutlery, Utensils: Everything you Need to Cook From Scratch and Find Your Flow in the Kitchen
  • Steps to Enhance your Natural and Organic Lifestyle: Organic Food, Personal Care Products, Natural Cleaning Supplies, Bedding, Where, When and How to Shop
  • Embody Delicious Living: Mind, Body, Spirit, Environment
  • Time Saving Eco- Cooking Tips
  • Organic Gardening: Indoors and Outdoors

Specializing in Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Whole Real Foods and Organic Cuisine

Contact Leslie at or call 413-259-1695 to schedule your appointment.

Sessions available in person, on Facetime and Phone

Coaching sessions in Amherst, MA and Leslie is willing to travel worldwide to do private coaching sessions and cooking lessons in your home.

Contact Leslie at or call 413-259-1695 to schedule your appointment.


Leslie's gourmet getaway weekendCome and experience a fabulous energizing weekend: learn to cook luscious farm to table, organic vegetarian meals with Leslie Cerier in the beautiful woods in Shutesbury, Massachusetts! Click Here to see what your personalized visit includes

“For anyone who wants to celebrate food while getting healthy and living lightly on the planet, Leslie Cerier is your guide.”
Dr Mark Hyman

“Leslie has inspired me to think of food and eating in new ways. As a chemist, I appreciate the analytical aspect of her food philosophy. She gets that food is made up of natural products some of which are healthy and others not so. She gets that our health depends on balances of nutrients, and that our needs vary with the season and with our seasons. She is at the same time intuitive, artistic, and creative in the dishes she creates. She insists that food should be good tasting (It’s all about the YUM) and good looking (meals should include foods from all colors of the rainbow). Thank you Leslie for everything you do!”
Dr Patricia O’Hara, Dean and Chemistry professor, Amherst College

“Leslie experiences food as prevention, medicine, nourishment, but mostly pleasure. When you meet her you will find a woman aglow with vitality and energy. For healthy, affordable, time saving, earth-friendly, and good-for-the-soul food, I ‘ll have what she’s having!”
Madeline Charney, Reference Service Librarian, University of Massachussetts-Amherst, MA

Thank you Leslie, for sharing your thoughts and “kitchen wisdom” with me, in helping to clarify my vision of function and form as I proceed with designing my dream kitchen.
Susan, Wellesley, MA

Photos by Tracey Eller

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