Going Wild in the Kitchen, The Fresh and Sassy Tastes of Vegetarian Cooking

Going Wild in the Kitchen

As vegetarianism continues to gain momentum, organic foods are making their way to the forefront of a health-conscious nation. Author and expert chef Leslie Cerier is crazy about the great taste and goodness of organically grown foods. In her latest cookbook, Going Wild in the Kitchen, Ms. Cerier shares scores of her favorite recipes that spotlight these fresh, wholesome foods.

Going Wild in the Kitchen is the first comprehensive global vegetarian cookbook to go beyond the standard organic beans, grains, and vegetables. In addition to providing helpful cooking tips and techniques, the book contains over 150 kitchen-tested recipes for healthful, taste-tempting dishes–creative masterpieces that contain such unique ingredients as edible flowers; sea vegetables; wild mushrooms, berries, and herbs; and goat and sheep cheeses. It encourages the creative side of novice and seasoned cooks alike, prompting them to follow their instincts and “go wild” in the kitchen by adding, changing, or substituting ingredients in existing recipes. To help, a wealth of suggestions is found throughout. A helpful resource list for finding organic foods completes this user-friendly cookbook.

Going Wild in the Kitchen is both a unique cookbook and a recipe for inspiration. So let yourself go! Excite your palate with this treasure-trove of unique, healthy, and taste-tempting recipe creations.

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