Basil Pesto in Minestrone

Vegetarian Basil Hemp Seed Pesto

Spring is here in Western Mass. Hurray! Today, I made a tasty vegan minestrone with some of my organic winter storage root veggies: carrots, onions, celeriac, and potatoes. To make the meal extra delicious, I cooked up organic quinoa macaronis. Defrosted my homemade organic basil hemp seed pesto made this past summer with local, artisan, grass raised, organic cheese. My CSA, organic community farm, provided the veggies and the basil. I grew the garlic. And got the cheese from the local farmers’ market.

Ladling the hot soup on top of the gluten-free macaronis in my bowl and topping it off with a tasty dollop of basil pesto made for a superb organic vegetarian lunch. This spring, I give thanks to last year’s harvest and get ready for more fresh produce in the months ahead.

One of the best investment’s I made this year, and every year for over 30 years, is joining a CSA. Lots of great organic produce at low prices. Today, I also renew my CSA promising to support my organic community farm for another great season of year round meals.

You can find Leslie’s recipe for basil pesto with hemp seeds and hemp oil on Nutiva’s website and on my website:

Here are some tips for buying organic, supporting local, and spending the least while building community:

Leslie picking Fresh Basil

photos by Tracey Eller

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