Buckwheat Flour Makes Great Pancakes

Organic Gourmet Breakfast pancakes and fruit salad

My friend Linda came to Esalen Institute when I taught 2 hands organic farm to table vegetarian cooking classes. She had a revelation after eating my buckwheat pancakes. The quick and easy gluten-free buckwheat pancakes I taught in my breakfast class were deliciously light unlike the heavy ones from her childhood memories.

Linda went home inspired. Since she is gluten-free, she subbed buckwheat flour for wheat flour in her corn bread.

Then, I got inspired to try some organic corn flour in my buckwheat pancake recipe and loved the natural sweetness corn added to the buckwheat flour.

Linda suggested that I share this information and my recipe for buckwheat pancakes because other people may want to try it

You can try this yourself with my quick and easy gluten-free recipe for buckwheat pancakes by clicking here.

Buckwheat pancakes, gluten-free, quick and easy to make

Top photo by Tracey Eller from Leslie Cerier’s Improvisational Cooking for Health and Vitality Hands On Cooking Class 

Bottom Photo by Leslie Cerier

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