Fruit Smoothies, YUM!

In hot weather, I love making fruit smoothies for breakfast. Using chia seeds, hemp seeds and cashews for a vegan smoothie gives me great energy and stamina for hours. Great Vegan protein, too! Chia seeds and Hemp seeds are both a complete proteins and offer lots of Omega fatty acids, fiber and anti-oxidants 

Sometimes , I like to make my smoothies with grass raised organic yogurt. Goat, sheep and cow yogurts are my preference. They are readily available in most farmers markets, natural foods stores and coops.

For organic sweeteners, I use a variety: maple syrup, lucuma, coconut sugar, vanilla extract  are among my favorites. A healthy spoonful of a super food powder adds some minerals and vitamins: organic pomengrante powder for cranberries or strawberries to keep it pink. And with the blueberries, I add a little organic acai or maqui powder.

Here’s a link to one of my favorite strawberry  smoothies: Strawberry Smoothie with yogurt and chia seeds

And here’s a blueberry coconut breakfast shake from one of my cookbooks, Gluten-Free Recipes for the Conscious Cook

When I need a boost after a long plane ride or late party, I make my favorite fruit smoothie with cacao.  Here’s the recipe Cacao maca smoothie wakes me up and gets me going.  Plus, I love the taste of cacao.

You will finds lots more recipes for smoothies on my website. And I love teaching you how to make your variations to smoothies and lots more seasonal recipes. Please come to one of my group cooking classes or book a private lesson with me today.

Have a great organic feast!


photo by Tracey Eller

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