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Gourmet Getaway Weekend with Leslie Cerier, The Organic Gourmet



Globally Inspired meals for your daily needs, parties, events, and recuperating from Illness.

When I cook for you, a week’s worth of dinners or for that special occasion, I create globally inspired meals with our local, organic harvest made tasty with herbs and spices to satisfy and nourish your health, happiness, mood and dietary preferences.

My delicious meals are always rich in nutrients, organic and vegetarian. I also offer lots of vegan and gluten free dishes made with whole real foods, globally sourced fair trade, organic ingredients.

And I offer consultations and recipe development for individuals with specific dietary preferences. Create new recipes for natural and organic food companies as well as recipes for delicious products.

Last, but not least, I prepare delicious “food as medicine.” I have cooked healing meals for people with cancer, heart disease, gut issues, food allergies, food sensitivities, recovering from surgery, and anytime you want food that is cooked with love and made special for you.

Special Occasions:

Delivery is free within 15-20 miles of Shutesbury, MA 01072

For additional delivery fees:

Please Call 413-259-1695, no texts, or Email Leslie for more information.

Leslie is willing to travel and cook for you and your group worldwide, as well as train chefs and offer cooking lessons, and help you set up your kitchen for efficiency

Please click on the following links for prices and menu options:

Vegan Egg Rolls with Goji Berries

Organic , Vegam. deliciousCoconut Curried Red Lentil Soup with Spinach

Shiitake Mushroom Risotto with Saffron and Butternut Squash

gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, organic lemony-quinoa-salad

Quick and Easy Greens in Tahini Sauce, Non Dairy

Mocha cake Slice

Please Call Leslie to discuss your menu 413-259-1695, no texts please

Email Leslie for more information.

A one time fee of $15 is added to the first delivery to cover the cost of glass ball jars. Then each time, Leslie delivers delicious food to you, please recycle the last delivery of empty jars back to Leslie. Thanks very much!

An inventive cook, Leslie Cerier concocts ingenious ways to make even the healthiest food not just palatable, but delectable.

—Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence

Leslie knows how to make the tastiest meals from the healthiest ingredients, making living food come alive in ways I never thought possible. She was Master Chef for our Growing a new Body programs and we adore her preparations!

— Alberto Villoldo PhD, Bestselling author of Shaman Healer Sage

Leslie Cerier is the consummate master of conscious cookery, a veritable culinary goddess.

— Chris Kilham, “The Medicine Hunter”

Leslie’s recipes and cookbooks will open up worlds of healthy eating pleasure.

-Christiane Northrup, MD authority on women’s health and author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

 For anyone who wants to celebrate food while getting healthy and living lightly on the planet, Leslie Cerier is your guide

.-Mark Hyman, MD, #1 New York Times bestseller author

If you think being gluten-free means eating a diet of white rice and starches, think again.  Leslie’s innovative recipes show us just how broad and delicious this regimen can be… and healthy, too. 

-Beth Hillson, Founder, Gluten-Free Pantry, Food Editor, Living Without Magazine, President, American Celiac Disease Alliance

In her inimitable style, Leslie Cerier presents a wealth of seasonal recipes…that are as flexible as they are healthy and delicious. No one will feel deprived with such luscious dishes as Hearty Greens and Tofu in Tahini Sauce or Banana Buckwheat Pancakes with Pecans. Best of all, these recipes aren’t only for those with dietary restrictions—a wealth of ideas awaits anyone who loves fresh produce and whole grains in creative combinations.

-Nava Atlas, author and illustrator of many popular vegan and vegetarian cookbooks

Leslie’s wonderfully tasty recipes make it so much easier to get the daily requirements of whole grains that are so important for our gluten-free diet.  She offers a tantalizing array of main courses, breakfasts, sides, and sweets that are supremely satisfying.

-Carol Fenster, author of numerous gluten-free cookbooks, including 100 Best Gluten-Free Recipes

With our health and the health of our planet in mind, Cerier has successfully created exquisite culinary sensations using grains, exotic rices, fruits, and vegetables.

-Tina Turbin, contributing writer for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness,Awareness Magazine, and other publications

I recently contacted Leslie asking if she could cater a sort of surprise, small extended family dinner for 10, to celebrate my husband’s birthday. With just 10 days, Leslie kindly walked me through the range of options, respectfully addressed all our many food allergies and preferences, and together we created a delicious menu. She arrived at my house on time with dinner ready to be re-heated, and even came to pick up the all glass containers (no plastic!) a few days after the party. Working full time, I would never have been able to clean my home and cook such a delicious dinner. I feel so grateful that people like Leslie are out there!! An incredible chef and kind, cheerful person, I am happy to offer this wholehearted endorsement of Leslie Cerier!!

-Deb Neubauer, Amherst, MA (2nd time I cooked for Deb’s special occasions)

I just wanted to thank you so much for creating such beautiful, delicious cakes for my 50th!! They really were fantastic, and I so enjoyed getting to eat dessert without worrying about reacting!!

— Deb Neubauer, Amherst, MA, private client

I cannot thank you enough for sourcing and preparing such a wonderful meal for our party. Everyone loved the food, and our bride to be was over the moon to have you as part of her weekend. Everything was perfect. Thank you again!

-Katelyn Atwater, Vermont, Personal Chef Client for a Bachelorette Party

I contacted Leslie when I needed to do a very specific alkaline diet for my autoimmune issues. We worked together to come up with a weekly menu that was not only delicious but brought me back to much better health. Leslie was very easy to work with and flexible about each recipe. To anyone looking for a great personal chef who uses the best ingredients, I would recommend Leslie in the highest regard!

-Zack Cross, Northampton, MA, Personal Chef Client, Food as Medicine

Your meals were incredible, and my parents were so thrilled and satisfied.
I feel so grateful to have found you – you gave me peace of mind and a very happy tummy. Thank you so much. Your food is scrumptious!

– Naomi Fleisher, Northampton, MA

My kids gave me a gift of Leslie’s Personal Chef services to help me during a tough time, when my partner died. Leslie’s food was delicious. Cooked fresh that day and delivered warm. I had plenty for leftovers, which gave me the leeway and spaciousness on other days. It worked out well. Leslie consulted with me thoroughly about my food likes and dislikes, and asked for feedback after each delivery, which was incorporated into the next batch of food. All went smoothly and the food was delicious. Kudos and recommendations for Leslie’s cooking and home delivery service.

–Meredith Elgart, Northampton, MA

Sometimes when I am home alone, I will eat something totally indulgent and secret. Usually this is junk food such as way too many scoops of ice cream! It always feels like being a kid and sneaking goodies when Mom and Dad were out…very satisfying. Never in my life did I expect to feel this way about Kale. Leslie’s Kale dish is sooooo amazing. We had it last night for dinner and marveled and working from home today, I just couldn’t wait to have it for lunch! I feel like I am getting away with something by having food this delicious! Thank you!

-— Cindy and Greg, Long Meadow, MA; Personal Chef Clients

Leslie prepared a delicious, healthy, and filling vegetarian feast for my dinner party. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking a chef in the Western Massachusetts area!

—Nathan James, Iron Management Inc. Brooklyn, NY

Leslie Cerier works her culinary magic, sharing her creative genius for enchanting, earth-friendly recipes.

— Kathie Madonna Swift MS RD LDN, and Author

Your food rocks! You have inspired me to eat well.
— -Suki Kramer; suki® skincare; Personal Chef Client

We had a delicious and healthy Christmas meal thanks to you, Leslie, and much relief from the prep.

-Melissa Macomber, Worcester, MA

Leslie experiences food as prevention, medicine, nourishment, but mostly pleasure. When you meet her you will find a woman aglow with vitality and energy. For healthy, affordable, timesaving, earth-friendly, and good-for-the-soul food, I ‘ll have what she’s having! 

— Madeline Charney, Reference Service Librarian, University of Massachussetts; Amherst,MA

First of all, let me compliment your food – exquisite would be one word to use. The quinoa and tabbouleh salad was the best I’ve ever had.

-Olena Baykur, Personal Chef Client

For four years Leslie has cooked for my daughter, a student at Amherst College.  What a blessing!  Kate has been incredibly grateful for the healthy and delicious food and we are both convinced it’s thanks to Leslie that she’s made it through with practically no illness.  Is Kate fighting a cold?  Leslie shows up with miso soup full of greens and ginger–and Kate doesn’t get the cold.  On the other hand, is it Valentine’s day?  Leslie shows up with her to-die-for chocolate mousse and I can hear the delight in Kate’s voice as she describes this week’s desert. After hearing Kate’s happy description of many delicious meals, I had to get Leslie’s  cookbook, Going Wild in the Kitchen.  Her mushroom strudel has become a favorite for holiday meals and her seitan quesadillas are very popular.  Leslie is a real artist.  When she cooks, healthy, joyful and imaginative all go hand in hand.  She is truly extraordinary.

— Sandy Robinson, Maryland

What a wonderful evening we had with Leslie in the kitchen and at dinner.  Everyone here thoroughly enjoyed the cooking demonstration and the food! Lunch on Sunday before the gang got on the road was a repeat dinner, and the flavors were even better after blending. Erik said he had never had a professional cook for him ever! Steven said it was an inspired idea. So there you have it. Wonderful for all!

—   Margaret and Sandy, Shutesbury, MA

Participating in a life-long love affair with food – from the days of cooking strudel in her grandmother Ethel’s kitchen to teaching classes today from the kitchen in her passive solar home in Shutesbury, Cerier sees the preparation of healthy food as an act of creativity. For Cerier, being in the kitchen is a melding of the culinary arts with the grace and whim of interpretive dance. Cerier’s ever-changing menu combines what’s in season with color and mood, whimsy and what’s in stock, she says. Experiencing whole foods during the entire year brings pleasure and fun into her life, she says, as wells as nourishing her and keeps her healthy.

— Noah Hoffenberg, writer, Northampton, MA

Photos by Tracey Eller

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Leslie Cerier, The Organic Gourmet develops recipes with new products for organic food companies

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