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Fruit Smoothies, YUM!

In hot weather, I love making fruit smoothies for breakfast. Using chia seeds, hemp seeds and cashews for a vegan smoothie gives me great energy and stamina for hours. Great Vegan protein, too! Chia seeds and Hemp seeds are both a complete proteins and offer lots of Omega fatty acids, fiber and anti-oxidants 

Sometimes , I like to make my smoothies with grass raised organic yogurt. Goat, sheep and cow yogurts are my preference. Continue reading

Moving Rocks/Making Changes

Leslie Cerier in the Esalen Organic Garden picking lettuce

As I was in my garden moving rocks, weeding, planting…bringing new energy into the space, I realized that there was some old energy still in place from another time… years past…Then I had the realization that my garden was just an extension of myself and some old habits that I have been looking to change… What better time than now to get the old out and the new in… quite literally… plants in ground, diets revamped, exercise stepped up. Continue reading

7 Reasons Fat Is Back, Without Making You Fat

Written by Jill Ettinger, originally published http://www.organicauthority.com/health/7-things-to-know-about-fatsdoes-fat-really-make-you-fat.html  

We need fats for our health everyday!

Remember learning in school that people really once thought the earth was flat? Aw. It’s kind of cute how naïve that misconception was. Our perception of food—especially fats—has also been kind of like that. No, the earth is not flat (except for you, Kansas), and no, all fats are not bad for you. In fact, most of them are rather crucial to our health.

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are essential because our bodies cannot make them on their own. We need to get them all—DHA, Omega-3s and Omega-6s—from foods such as avocados, olive and coconut oil, chia, flax and hemp seeds, and walnuts. Continue reading