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Vegetarian Cooking from the Heart with Leslie Cerier

​”​I’m offering people a recipe for inspiration.” ​​Leslie Cerier Continue reading

Creative Vegetarian Cooking

4 luscious vegetarian dishes, Leslie created for Nutiva

I’ve always been crazy about the great taste and wholesome goodness of organically grown foods. To me, there is nothing more appealing and delicious than fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruits. And with Mother Nature as my ever-present guide, it’s easy to go wild in the kitchen, adapting to the bounty of the season while conjuring up new and exciting dishes, as Continue reading

Gratitude Feast

Cooking Tips Collage

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I am very thankful for all of you.

Thanks to the farmers, who worked hard to grow and harvest an abundance of organic produce for us to thrive. Thanks to my family, neighbors, friends, my supportive and loving community for their light, love and opportunities to grow. Thanks to all those that came out to my cooking workshops to discover and taste something new. Thank you to all who came out for an overnight stay in my home. It is such a joy to feed you! Continue reading

Sea Vegetable Celebration

Sea Vegetable Celebration Cookbook

“This book contains very useful information about a variety of sea vegetables, mostly from the North Atlantic (if I recall, this book has strong ties to Maine Sea Coast Veggies). Very basic recipes demonstrating the versatility of sea veggies – from breakfast to dessert. The only books that I enjoy more (demonstrating the usefulness of sea veggies) would be Cathe Olsen’s A Vegetarian Mother’s Cookbook and The Garden of Eating.”

J. Steinbachs