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Espresso Cookies, YUM!

Dean and Leslie with espresso cookies

I love my job. I have the privilege of developing recipes with Deans Beans organic and fair trade cocoa and coffee. Here I am with Dean Cycon in my gourmet country kitchen in Western Mass after shooting the recipe video for these rich, fudge-like Espresso cookies. Continue reading

3 Great Desserts with Almonds

Organic Chocolate Chip Chevre Cheesecake

Here are some of my other favorite organic recipes with almonds that I like to make for Passover  Apricot Almond Thumbprint Cookies , Chocolate Almond Nutty Bars,  Chocolate Chip Chevre Pie Continue reading

Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Teff Cookies

gluten-Free, Vegan peanut butter cookies with teff flour

Teff, peanut butter, and cookies, oh my! Teff adds a subtle hazelnut/chocolate flavor to these peanut butter cookies, and just so happens to be gluten free and high in dietary fiber, protein, iron, and calcium. With this easy six ingredient recipe starring the super nutritious teff flour, you can almost convince yourself that you are eating these cookies for health, and not pleasure! Almost…

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Ginger Lover’s Cookies

Ginger and Spice Cookies

Spelt flour adds nutty goodness to these cookies. If you would like to make these vegan, use maple syrup or molasses instead of honey.
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