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Feta Cheese Pie

Feta /Cheese Broccoli Pie

This is a delicious elegant dish. At its heart are sautéed broccoli and onions with Mediterranean herbs. Baked slowly with eggs and feta for a perfect main course. Delightful served hot for dinner as well as cold for a picnic lunch. Continue reading

Herbs Season and Decorate Dinner

Tempeh Stew with Wine and Shiitake Mushrooms

Rosemary, thyme, oregano and sage flavors the miso mustard gravy in this hearty gluten-free, vegan, winter stew. You can vary the vegetables in the stew, too. Try sweet earthy root veggies like potatoes, turnips and sweet potatoes, which melt into a stew. Serve over kasha, a hearty, gluten-free, quick cooking whole grain for a warming meal on a chilly night. Kasha is also a complete protein, rich in iron, selenium, and zinc, and a fair source of B vitamins. Yummy and nutritious! Continue reading