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Sweet Potato Fries with Hemp Seeds and Kelp Flakes

Gluten-Free and Vegan Sweet Potato Fries This colorful and sweet dish is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Hemp Seeds look like sesame seeds and have a softer texture and milder flavor. Rich in omega -3, omega-6, omega-9 fatty acids, fiber, minerals and vitamins, hemp seeds are also a complete protein. Kelp is a tasty sea vegetable that is rich in Vitamin C, calcium, iron, manganese, and magnesium. Sweet potatoes are loaded with beta – carotene, which we convert to Vitamin A. Continue reading

Visionary Cooking, Food for the Eyes

Visionary Cooking

Available in a downloadable e-book version only for $9.95

Co-written by Marc Grossman, OD, L.Ac., leading holistic eye doctor in practice for over 30 years, and Leslie Cerier, ” The Organic Gourmet” chef educator, health coach and author of 5 books on natural cooking for health and great taste.

Quick Overview

Cooking for healthy vision – great tasting recipes designed for helping maintain healthy eyesight.