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Black Rice with Goji Berries and Garlic

Black Rice with Goji Berries and Garlic is easy to make and love

This comforting rice dish gets its sweetness from Coconut Manna, and a wealth of anti-oxidants from super fruit goji berries. Feel free to make this with other kinds of organic brown, basmati or jasmine rice. Continue reading

Tips for going gluten free & make sushi

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) August 15, 2013 – Why is everyone going gluten free these days and how can you do it? Leslie Cerier, the Organic Gourmet, came onto Mass Appeal (TV ) to tell us how easy it can be to go gluten free and make gluten-free sushi

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Gluten-Free Grains for Everyone

Avoiding gluten doesn’t have to mean skipping out on all grains. Leslie Cerier on Mass Appeal TV March 2013 shares how to cook like an artist; cooking tips for nutritious, delicious Gluten-Free Grains.

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