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Cooking with Love

Growing food with love, cooking with love and eating with love

“Gather Ingredients grown with love: cook and serve with love.” Leslie Cerier

February 19-26, 2016, I taught 2 hands on organic, vegetarian, farm to table cooking workshops at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA For the first time ever, no one left the room when the workshop was over. We were in the big love bubble of what we created all week. Tad Torzecki, participant in Improvisational Cooking for Health and Vitality (2/21-26/16) gave me the drawing above as a Thank-you. Continue reading

Corn Grits with Sautéed Kale and Goat Cheddar Cheese

Corn Grits with Sautéed Kale and Goat Cheddar Cheese vegetarian, gluten-free

Quick to prepare, easy to love, this gluten-free vegetarian entrée everyone will request again and again. The red palm oil brightens the orange yellow corn grits and with the kale makes a beautiful mosaic pattern. I recommend using goat cheddar or organic, pasture raised raw milk Cheddar. And you can swap other oils or health fats like ghee or extra virgin olive oil for the red palm oil, if you like. Continue reading

Butternut Squash Chevre Pie

Raw Hemp Walnut Pie Crust

Butternut Squash Chevre Pie, think cheese cake, but here I used chevre, a creamy goat cheese that offers  protein, Vitamin A and calcium. The raw walnut/hemp seed crust is quick and easy to make, just whiz it in a food processor with a touch of vanilla extract and maple syrup. Walnuts and hemp seeds are a great vegan source of Omega 3 fatty acids, among many other vitamins and minerals. Press the ground nut mixture into a pie plate.

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