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Make Your Own Marinated Dried Tomatoes

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal TV September 17, 2015) Homemade marinated dried tomatoes make for a great gift or for a delicious  added pop of flavor to your dishes! Leslie Cerier, The Organic Gourmet shows you how easy it is to make your own tasty  marinated dried tomatoes with fresh herbs, edible flowers, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and garlic. A great way to preserve summer in a bottle. Continue reading

Rice Noodles with Thai Peanut Sauce

CHICOPEE, Mass. (July 16, 2015; Mass Appeal TV, NBC affiliate Channel 22) – Infuse the flavors of Thai cooking into your summer dishes utilizing fresh herbs! The Organic Gourmet Leslie Cerier shows us how to make rice noodles with Thai peanut sauce. Continue reading

Chocolate Almond Nutty Bars

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal TV October 30, 2014) – While you wait for the trick-or-treaters to knock on your door, make some adult friendly treats for yourself! “The Organic Gourmet” Leslie Cerier, from LeslieCerier.com, showed us how to make a chocolate candy bar that doesn’t come with a side of guilt! Continue reading

Ginger and Spice Cookies

Leslie on Mass Appeal TV October 30, 2014 Halloween isn’t just for the kids, adults need treats too! The Organic Gourmet, Leslie Cerier, from LeslieCerier.com, shared some healthy treats you don’t have to feel guilty about eating! Continue reading