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Vegetarian Cooking from the Heart with Leslie Cerier

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Goat Cheese and Vegetable Quiche

Goat Cheese and Vegetable Quiche

Sauteed kale seasoned with scallions and basil makes a full flavored quiche with a easy to make whole teff grain crust.

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The Breast Archives Podcast with Leslie Cerier/Chef and Organic Food Guru

TBA PODCAST (Leslie Cerier/Chef and Organic Food Guru) Produced by Meagan Murphy from The Breast Archives on Vimeo.

Leslie answers questions about cooking from scratch, where to buy your food, cooking as a means of self expression, organic gardening, nutrition, relationship of breast health and diet and much more. Continue reading

Amaranth and Corn Croquettes Recipe

Amaranth Corn Croquettes, scrumptious, gluten-free, vegetarian, Eat to Thrive RecipeAmaranth is a tiny, nutty-flavored grain, one of the few that is a complete protein with more fiber and iron than most grains. It’s delicious cooked in combination with other grains, in pilafs, puddings, and porridge. Here, I have used amaranth flour in combination with corn flour and vegetables for a scrumptious, healthy, gluten-free croquette. When I teach this recipe in my cooking classes, the croquettes get eaten before we set the table! Continue reading

Brazil’s New 10 Nutrition Guidelines

Leslie Cerier, The Organic Gourmet picking carrots in the organic Esalen Institute gardenTen steps to healthy diets
Brazil’s revolutionary new nutrition guidelines–

are actually organized around food (and meals!), not nutrients.

1 Make a variety of plant foods the basis of your diet

2 Use oils,fats, sugar, and salt in moderation to convert foods into dishes

3 Limit or avoid ready to consume products
4 Eat freshly cooked meals regularly, mindfully, in pleasant places
5 Enjoy meals in company
6 Buy food in places that offer a variety of fresh, locally produced foods
7 Learn, value, practice and share the art of cooking
8 Give the pleasure of eating a central place in your life
9 Choose places to eat out that serve freshly cooked meals
10 Beware of information and orientation from sources with conflicted interests

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