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Cooking with Herbs and Spices Interview

Leslie in Appollo's Organic Gardenholding tomatoes

​​​”​I’m offering people a recipe for inspiration.” ​​Leslie Cerier

​Have a listen and become much more knowledgeable about herbs and spices Leslie uses in her cooking. Continue reading

Moroccan Yams and Carrots with French Lentils

Moroccan Yams and Carrots with French Lentils vegetarian and gluten-free
Hot out of the oven, served on a bed of French Lentils, these sweet and spicy carrots and yams looks elegant with a cooling touch of yogurt drizzled over it. An easy to prepare beautiful main dish. Continue reading

Health Benefits of Spices

Health benefits of spices

Mass Appeal TV June 21, 2013 – Herbs and spices can not only add flavor to your favorite dishes, but they can also help improve your health. From relieving headaches and menopause symptoms to stimulating your circulation. Leslie Cerier, The Organic Gourmet, shared more on the health benefits of spices!   Watch: Health benefits of spices

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