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Cinnamon Banana Pancakes

Cinnamon Banana Pancakes made with teff flour

Banana Pancakes with Cinnamon

Serves 4 to 6

Good morning pancakes! You may be amazed (and you will definitely be delighted) to learn that teff flour can stand in for all of the wheat flour in pancakes. Use just a couple of tablespoons of this batter make small pancakes that are fun to eat with your hands like a muffin. Because they’re cooked in coconut oil, they’re so tasty that you may not even want any toppings. Continue reading

Ginger Arame Egg Rolls with Goji Berries

Vegan Egg Rolls with Goji BerriesHere’s a versatile recipe that is fun to eat as a salad, stuffed into pita or deep fried in egg roll wrappers. Eating 4-6 of these delicious egg rolls makes a great lunch or dinner.

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Garlic Flavored Oil; It is easy to make your own!

garlic scape oil
Although I have a few favorite flavored oils and vinegars that I make every year, like Blueberry Balsamic Vinegar with Vanilla Bean and Garlic Scape ( GArlic Flower) oil, I am always experimenting and concocting new combinations. I also encourage you to use your local harvest of fruits, herbs, spices, edible flowers, nuts, and more to create your own tasty flavored oils and vinegars. Start with one spice like a chili pepper or garlic scape or one herb like basil and then let that be a springboard for your imagination. You can combine several spices and herbs together: one of my favorites is cilantro, basil and chilies.

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