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Gluten-Free Deep Dish Pie Crust with Teff FlourHere are 4 of my favorite pie crusts using organic ingredients for your health and pleasure. Three out 4 pie crusts are gluten-free. Two are no bake and all can be vegan unless you choose to use butter. It’s up to you.  Feel free to fill your pie crusts with yummy fillings made with seasonal fruits, nuts, honey cream cheese, chocolate chevre, sweet potato, pumpkin among others.

Hemp Walnut Pie Crust, no baking and just 4 ingredients to mix and press into a pie plate. Walnuts and hemp seeds offer a tasty source of Omega 3s in this quick and easy raw pie crust. Feel free to fill it with your favorite fruit filling for a no bake pie everyone will love. A

Walnut Maple Pie Crust, just 3 ingredients, quick and easy to make and no baking. Watch me make it on TV

Leslie‚Äôs Gluten-Free Deep Dish Pie Crust  Besides having a subtle chocolate flavor, teff flour is also a great source of calcium and iron. Whether you are gluten-free or not, this may become your favorite pie crust.

Leslie’s Super Easy Spelt Pie Crust is delicious, quick and easy pie crust perfect for a savory quiche. The ground flax make it like a graham cracker like crust.

Apple Crumb PiePhotos by Tracey Eller

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