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The New Normal finds me teaching from my natural kitchen. And online on zoom, you can bring me into your kitchen for private cooking lessons.

In addition to teaching you how to cook from your heart. Engage your senses. I can coach you on the kinds of cookware, utensils, cutting  boards, knives, and the art of placement to make cooking fun, easy and a pleasure.

What to stock and how to stock it is also part of every lesson.

This week, I start a 5 week series of private cooking classes with a client.

Before we started, we emailed each other for me to learn about their dietary preferences, and what they would like to learn to enhance their health.

Organic, dairy free, vegetable and fruit dishes is the priority and focus of the customized series of hands on vegetarian and vegan cooking lessons I designed special for her and her family.

From smoothies to warming porridges; nori rice rolls to pasta salads; Asian stir fries to Indian spiced soups; colorful salads with herb infused dressings, and much more.

The first 1 and 1/2 hour private class, I will help my clients get grounded, centered and relaxed in their kitchen. Set it up for efficiency and success. Practical matters. And I will teach knife skills and how to cook a delicious organic greens dish in tahini sauce.

As we continue to work together, I will teach more recipes, offer cooking tips and customize the lessons to expand their cooking repertoire. Satisfy and nourish them as they learn to cook from their heart and thrive.


Please contact me for private vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, hands on farm to table cooking lessons on zoom



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