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vegan, vegetarian, baba ganoush, dairyfree gluten-freeI do a lot of coaching and teaching about eating your way to strong bones. Yet, it is summer and organic tomatoes and eggplant are in season. Here is how I create/cook up balance. When I blend the cooked eggplant, I add garlic, plenty of parsley, some raw, calcium rich and alkalzing tahini, and also season the dip with alkalizing umeboshi vinegar. Lemon and sea salt would also be fine. Also, as you can see from the photo, serving the baba ganoush with greens also add to our calcium, and yellow tomatoes tend to be lower in acid the the red ones. The red tomatoes posed for the photo. And the nasturtium flowers adds to the YUM!

Lots more to say on eating your way to strong bones, and I offer coaching and hands on cooking classes to help you understand how balance seasonal produce with calcium rich foods, lifestyle, exercise, environment, and much more.

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