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Mom Eileen-meRecently, my mother and I were fortunate to take a trip to Florida to visit family. My mother talked about her favorite cousin, Eileen, for as long as I can remember. They were close as teenagers, but hadn’t seen each other in over 4 decades. She had talked about us visiting them for years, and finally this winter we made it happen. It was a special trip for the two of us. I was looking forward to spending time with my mother and hearing them talk about their youth. However, these cousins were all on the Pritikin Diet, which is a low fat diet. Since I am the queen of healthy fats, I needed to consider what I would eat when there. Also, coming from a bitter cold winter, here in Western, MA, I was eating healthy fats to enhance my energy and stamina.

First, I made sure that I had food that was quick to make, like quinoa, and other quick cooking whole grains, tempeh, chia seeds, nori to make vegetarian sushi, salad, nuts, oils and vinegars, and of course, my truffles. In the past, I might have tried to tell them what they should eat. But this time, I decided to take care of myself , make extra for them to taste, but not push my agenda on them. They loved eating what I cooked and they were very gracious. And in doing so, I relaxed. Like the ocean, I found my flow through the day. I believe since I had taken care of my personal diet, and got daily exercise, I was more present in the moment. I noticed old patterns of impatience and miscommunication that sometimes happens with family melt away. As a result I had a profound experience with my mother and her cousin. How fun it was to be with 2 women, close to 90, who were active in their own health and walking in the grace of life.

So how do you take care of yourself when traveling, or in a new environment? What triggers come up? And how do you transcend them?

Hoping to see some of you at Esalen Institute at the end of March

Love to hear from you and hope you are staying warm and cozy this winter.

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