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Some years ago, I developed many recipes for Nutiva with their organic hemp seeds, chia seeds, coconut products, and more. One of those recipes was an organic Cilantro Pesto with organic hemp seeds.

After serving it on gluten free pasta, I found it was more versatile. Delicious as a spread on nori rice rolls, a party dip  and in one of my most recent private hands on cooking classes, I adapted it to be a sauce for Spring Rolls. 

And today, I created another vegan, gluten free variation for lunch. Simply mixed into French lentils, served on warm organic, local, corn tortillas and topped with fresh, local, organic, lettuce. This was a delightful and delicious quick lunch.

Over the years, one of my most popular classes has been Delicious Meals in Minutes, AKA, Vegetarian Express.

I’ve also taught folks how to make the cilantro pesto in many private hands on cooking classes as well as Gourmet Getaways.

If you’d like to learn more recipes, please contact me for private hands-on farm to table cooking classes, gourmet getaways or group class.

Thank you for considering this and happy spring everyone.

Nori Rice Rolls


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