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Dear Leslie,

Trish and Julie

“My friend, Trish Yauch, and I Julie Mc Kay took your hands on vegetarian cooking workshop, Savoring Life, Luscious Cooking for Health at Kripalu last Fall, and have been practicing your recipes. On Saturday, we led a one day retreat at my home yoga studio in Stow, MA for 14 lovely women, and served up a terrific lunch. We are so grateful for all the wisdom you shared. Here are a few pictures.”

Organic Spinach salad with dressing Leslie Cerier taught in her hands on cooking workshop

Vegetarian Quiche from Julie and Trish

jade pearl rice nori rice rolls

Take a workshop with Leslie Cerier and then cook for your own retreat

For more information on Leslie’s vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free hands on farm to table group and private cooking classes,  Please Email for more information 

You can also Email to Book your Luscious Organic Lifestyle Retreat with Leslie Cerier, Immersed in nature, near Amherst, MA Come experience the sanctuary. Leslie will teach you how to incorporate a nourishing home environment with the art of self care, gourmet vegetarian, organic farm to table meals, and hands on cooking classes.

Leslie is also available to cook for retreats. Please Email

Photos by Trish and Julie of the meal they cooked with several recipes that they learned in one of Leslie hands on weekend cooking workshops.

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