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Organic Garlic ScapesIts time to eat and cook with organic garlic scapes, the tender flowering tops of growing garlic bulbs. In the fall, we plant garlic cloves, which over winter and miraculously sprout up in the spring. As soon as the garlic shoots up, spirals and flowers, in early summer, we snap them off, which gives us garlic scapes to cook with while we wait for garlic bulbs to fatten up. For our vegetarian cooking and eating pleasures, you can use approximately 1 garlic scape for 1 clove of garlic. This year, with all the snow and rain, I have had in Western MA, the garlic scapes are tender and mild tasting. I am using handfuls in stir fries, dressings, flavored oils, pesto and sauces. I always say, when in doubt, taste it. Some years they are very strong and spicy. This year, they are thinner and more mild.

I did a TV segment where I offered the host a taste of the spicy garlic scape as I demonstrated how to make a cilantro pesto. He loved it.

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