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Cooking with Heritage grains, heirloom beans, rice and corn from my organic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is important to me.  And the flavors of these local organic beans, grains, flours, rice, and heritage corn are way beyond compare.

Plus, you can customize your share. Get as much as you like of your favorite grains and beans. And skip the ones you do not use. 

Also, it is fun to scoop and weigh the beans and grains among other community members. Makes it a social event. 

This nourishing food community keeps expanding its offerings. Adding more varieties of heirloom beans, heritage grains, ancient and heirloom flours, and now a rice share.

23 varieties to choose from:

Oats, buckwheat, corn, and rice are available as whole grains, grits and fresh milled flours

The heirloom bean varieties keep multiplying.

All year round, I am cooking organic farm to table meals for personal chef clients, and introducing cooking with heritage grains and heirloom  beans to participants in my hands on cooking classes.

And along the way, turning on more folks to the superior taste of the “Responsible Fork” of lessening your carbon footprint and eating local.

If you would like a free recipe for my organic corn muffins, please Email me:


In fact, the options for CSAs here in Western Massachusetts include vegetables, fruit, meat, mushrooms, medicinal herbs and even wool.

Personally, I belong to 2 CSAs. The other one I belong to supports local farmers growing organic vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. An investment in my local economy. Saves me money and also brings me much joy when I visit the farm to gather my weekly share. And a delicious way to fight/cook for climate change.

You can read more about my experience and how you can find a CSA near you to join.



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For those of you in New England, click here for more information and to join this local heritage grain and heirloom bean share. 




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