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Growing food with love, cooking with love and eating with love

“Gather Ingredients grown with love: cook and serve with love.” Leslie Cerier

February 19-26, 2016, I taught 2 hands on organic, vegetarian, farm to table cooking workshops at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA For the first time ever, no one left the room when the workshop was over. We were in the big love bubble of what we created all week. Tad Torzecki, participant in Improvisational Cooking for Health and Vitality (2/21-26/16) gave me the drawing above as a Thank-you.

Esalen Organic Green garden salad

And Jean Mahoney from Santa Cruz, participant in Delicious Meals in Minutes Fresh From the Esalen Garden Feb 19-21, 2016 wrote and gave me this poem as a Thank-you for my teachings.

“Sweet cacao butter

Rolls warm over my tastebuds

Filling me with

the satisfaction

of what our earth

has to offer


We harvest & send

golden oils, prized seeds

to one another

We got to open the gifts of other lands

Teff arrives from Ethiopia

& Goat cheese from Sebastopol

Amaranth from the Aztecs

Two continents & more

shared here

on the land

Drawn together by magnets

The sun, the soil, the stars, the moon

All so very generous

In their ability to provide”

I am blessed to teach what I love: When we start with lovingly gathered organic ingredients, mindfully harvested, cooked and presented with love, luscious dining is insured.

Esalen Institute Improvisational Cooking for Health and Vitality

Garden to Table organic Lunch Feast

One of the nutritious and beautiful meals we cooked with love as part of my hands on cooking workshops at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA

Sweet Chevre Dessert Pies

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