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Emilano and Leslie cooking Quinoa for lunch in ChileI went to Chile January 2014, invited by Alberto Villoido and Marcela Lobos to train their chefs in farm to table organic gluten-free, vegetarian cooking for their Detox Program, “Grow a New Body”. Becoming the head chef involved me menu planning, cooking lunch and dinner, developing recipes for healing vegetable broths with sea vegetables, and smoothies with local berries, chia seeds and maca. I also sourced organic ingredients and other super foods like goji berries, and coconut products. My day started early in the morning, 7:30AM eating just a tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil before going on a 45-60 minute steep hike to see the gorgeous mountain views, and do yoga. The coconut oil gave me energy and stamina, lightness of being. Then I ate a late breakfast before doing 5-8 hours of cooking and teaching the chefs how to broaden their culinary repertoire, engage their senses, mix and match vegetables, fruits and herbs from the organic farm; cook exquisite gluten-free, dairy-free meals. Another job that I enjoyed was talking to the participants during the meals about the nutrition of the foods they were eating: healthy fats, gluten-free whole grains, beans, eating the rainbow and more.

I am truly grateful for this luscious experience. Here is a slide show of some of the meals, the beautiful place in Chile and also the shamans and healers that I got to eat with and hike with. Hope you enjoy!

Please leave a comment below and ask me any questions about my trip or being an International Chef.

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