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Here is an excerpt from the cookbook, Cooking with Love, Loving Kindness in the Kitchen, which I am writing this winter.

” In the kitchen, feel your feet planted on the ground; shoulders down; breathing easy; see, touch, smell, taste, experience it all as this moment slips into the next.”

The drawing above was created by one of my participant’s in my hands on farm to table cooking workshop, Improvisational Cooking for Health and Vitality at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA.

I miss teaching cooking with love in person.

However, these days, I am enjoying teaching from my own home kitchen zooming into yours for private hands on cooking lessons. 

And even doing TV segments and podcast interviews from home has become the new normal.

Please click here and check out my latest interview on Practicing the Art of Self Care to improve our well being and health on the Western Mass Business Show with Ira Bryck. You will also hear from my dear friend and healer Nini Melvin (5 Element Movement & Shiatsu Trainings)and my daughter Michelle Huber (Embodying Awareness Practices: Feldenkrais and Circling).

The interview is almost 45 minutes. At around 40 minutes in, Ira asks my daughter Michelle what it was like growing up with me as her mom. I am deeply touched by her loving response and honesty. 

And, in honor of Valentine’s day, please enjoy making my luscious, original recipe for my infamous Organic, Cacao Truffles.  I have taught this recipe in countless weekend workshops nationwide. Click here and you can see me make them live on my first TV appearance, almost 10 years ago. 

And I have created many more delicious flavors and variations recently that I am happy to teach in zoom classes.

Regarding cooking from the heart, please support all the hands of love that grow and touch our food. I am always grateful to the organic farmers that practice regenerative agriculture, the coops, distributors, among others that respect our beloved Mother Earth in bringing our food to us.

Hope to see you soon on Zoom.

Wishing you much health and pleasure.

Feel free to contact me to book private hands on cooking classes for yourself, your friends and family.

Please contact me for private vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, hands on farm to table cooking lessons on zoom


And I have been writing lots of new blogs that I hope will inspire your home cooking. Please click here to see and read my latest and greatest musings and offerings.



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