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In this quick and easy, beautiful, vegetarian stir fry, Leslie Cerier, The Organic Gourmet shows you how to eat the rainbow.

Infused organic ginger honey, sesame oil and tamari give a delicious Asian flavor to the sizzling veggies and cashews. You can also cook with maple syrup or mirin instead of honey for a vegan variation.

Colorful, organic farm to table carrots, rainbow radish, daikon radish and cashews went into the wok as soon as the oil, honey and tamari got hot. YUM!

As soon as the veggies reach their peak color, I will add tofu and cooked red rice.

Other veggies, you could add is scallions, cabbage, bok choy or broccoli.

As the seasons change, you can mix and match seasonal veggies for infinite colorful stir fries.

And you can change the flavor of the dish with different spices, too.

Substitute noodles for the rice or another color of rice like black rice.

Swap tempeh for tofu. Or use only veggies.

As I have said in many cooking classes, feel free to select 5-7 ingredients to create your own recipe variations.

In my popular cooking class, The Art of the Stir Fry, I offer cooking tips for what ingredients go in first, second and third. Once you know that you can “go wild” in your kitchen creating colorful and delicious stir fries.

Eat the Rainbow.

And, if you want to learn how to make your own infused honey and flavored oils, please click here for my instructional video.  


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