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Leslie Cerier at the Amherst Farmers Market

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I love shopping at Farmers Markets.

Even at home in the kitchen, this happy feeling continues to emanate. Whether it is a lemony quinoa salad with sunflower seeds, chickpeas with tomatoes and ginger, or jewel-like slices of autumn vegetables in a fabulous curry-vegetable soup, the flavors express themselves precisely and clearly. Even more complicated dishes rest upon a solid foundation of organic beans and grains (whole foods), which allows their more piquant and delicate flavors to soar. Organic oils, herbs and spices add their deep, rich, lush tones. They enhance rather than overwhelm the humble vegetables.

My cooking classes and Personal Chef Services also abounds in simple, healthy recipes over which there is no need to fuss – scrumptious meals that require minimal preparation and clean-up time. Yet even this more basic fare offers luxurious combinations of flavors because of the high quality of its ingredients and the pleasure with which they are combined.

Because the earth has been so generous, and organic farmers working in harmony with it have helped bring forth its goodness, little has to be done to prepare delicious meals. Anyone can do it. Simply chop, mix, stir, and simmer. Then Taste the goodness in each bite!


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