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2021 Hungry Ghost Bread Summer Herb Talk Series Food as Medicine

Announcing the start of the 5th annual, free-to-the-public Summer Herb Talk Series in the gorgeous medicine garden and amphitheater at Hungry Ghost Bread. This year we will have a terrific lineup of local experts in Food as Medicine

Hosted by Local Harmony (

When: Friday evenings, (5:30-6:30PM), June 25-August 27 (rain dates in Sep)  

Where: Hungry Ghost Bread (62 State Street, Northampton, MA

June 25: Blanche Cybele Derby: “Edible Plants: Wild and Tame”, Northampton,  MA

July 2: Jade Alicandro Mace:  “Ancestral Kitchen Medicine”, Milk and Honey Herbs , Shutesbury, MA

July 9: Abby Ferla:  “How Climate Resilient Foods are Healing Foods”, Foxtrot Farm, Ashfield, MA

July 16: Leslie Cerier:  “Creative Cooking with Sea Vegetables: Delicious Food as Medicine”, The Organic Gourmet, Shutesbury, MA

July 23: Kyra Kristof:  “Forest Kitchen”, Western MA, Imaginal Kitchen, Northfield, MA

July 30:  Willie Crosby:  “Delish and Medicinal: Medicinal Mushrooms in Everyday Cooking”, Western MA

August 6: Felix Lufkin: “Integrating with the Ecosystems that Support us with Wild Foods and the Commons”, Help Yourself, Northampton MA 

August 13: Katie Korby and Addie Holland Rose:“Vegetable Fermentation: History, Culture, and Health”, Real Pickles, Greenfield, MA

August 20,  Caitlin Bernhard: “Infuse Your Health! Learn the Basics of Cooking with Cannabis-Infused Oils”, Azalla Wellness and Azalla Academy, Florence, MA

August 27: Chris Marano: “Foods that are also Medicines”, Clearpath Herbals, Wendell, MA

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