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Jade and I finding mystery wild mushroom

Today, I had a sweet time hiking with my friend and community herbalist, Jade Alicandro Mace. As we entered the woods in Wendell MA, we soon found a beautiful lion’s mane mushroom on log on the forest floor. With delight, I photographed it and Jade took out her knife and made a clean cut. Pleased we walked on and soon came to the tree above, which had several Hericium coralloides! Close relative of Lions Mane and also edible!! Also called comb tooth. We harvested those, too. Lucky us! We had a sweet walk through the woods, sat and talked on a log admiring the pond surrounded with beautiful red and orange fall foliage. Nature is wonderful and so is time in the woods with friends.

found today a delicious lion's mane mushroom

finding mystery wild mushroom

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