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What inspires you to walk into to your kitchen and want to cook? Is it the ingredients, a beautiful day at the market, an illustrated cookbook, a TV segment, the need to get healthy or I am just hungry?

How are you combining ingredients? Is it from what you have in stock, what’s leftover, or are you feeling creative? This assumes that your kitchen is clean and waiting for you.

I still get inspired going to my CSA. Recalling the farm, the earth still adhered to the root vegetables, makes me feel like I just picked it. I love the smell of the earth, and gathering baskets full of bountiful roots. The bright fresh greens are fun to mix and match. While I love going into the root cellar, I realize that most people shop differently than I do. Most people shop in supermarkets. There is a variety of shopping experiences out there. What makes you buy an item and take it home?

On this particular cold New England night, I wanted something sweet, slightly spicy, warming, fast and satisfying. I had Jerusalem artichokes, carrots, onions and spinach in the fridge. Thinking of a curry coconut lentil soup and the spices I would use got me cooking. I was inspired by all the different combinations that can make up a curry, but this particular night, I wanted to use some moringa leaf powder. Hearing of its super food qualities: abundant B vitamins and amino acids, I sprinkled some into the pot, along with a healthy pinch of cayenne, some cumin, a couple of cinnamon sticks and turmeric. Later, after the veggies and lentils were cooked, I would add fresh chopped cilantro and a dollop of ghee. Viola, a new curry was born.

So, what inspired you to walk into the kitchen last night? Need inspiration? Come for a hands on farm to table group and/or private cooking classes. And always, I am happy to offer private cooking classes and wellness coaching. Please join me, and lets cook from the Heart together.

Wishing you the most delicious and healthy New Year!


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