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Happy fall everyone!

Red and Gold Leaves by Leslie Cerier

Now that the weather here in New England is cooling off, lots of folks are starting to cook and bake. Good news, there are lots of fun, easy and quick recipes in Gluten-Free Recipes for the Conscious Cook and many reviewers and foodies are loving this cookbook. 

Here are some recent links which also offer recipes complete with photos of my latest cookbook.

The Savvy Vegetarian loved the “Millet and Carrots”served with the “Mushroom Sauce”  from Gluten-Free Recipes for the Conscious Cook. She says that Leslie Cerier’s gem of a cookbook is a collection of easy, quick and simple gluten free recipes. But she has packed a whole lot more than gluten free cooking into 223 pages.” Here is the link to read the full review:

Then “Flora’s Kitchen, An Adventure in Gluten-Free Eating”, also blogged about my cookbook on Oct 10th. She said that “Gluten-Free Recipes for the Conscious Cook: A Seasonal, Vegetarian Cookbook by Leslie Cerier is just the book for me. It is a seasonal, gluten-free, vegetarian cookbook full of healthy, easy, family-friendly recipes. You might be asking yourself why I would ever cook out of a vegetarian cookbook, after all if you have read my blog you know we eat meat at our house. Honestly, we eat way too much meat, and getting more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in our diets is really critical….” Here is the link to read the complete review:

Veggielady4life also reviewed my cookbook and she said, ” I have to say this book is an excellent resource for both gluten-free as well as non-gluten-free cooks.  It has a wonderful introductory section that discusses many of the most common gluten-free grains, many of which you probably use every day (without even realizing they are gluten-free!).  Corn, millet, oats, quinoa, and rice are just a few examples.  She discusses the origin of these grains, cooking methods, and recipe ideas for each one.  I found this section extremely interesting, and I learned a good bit about each grain….” Here is the link to read the whole review along with photograph and recipe of the  “Tomato Lentil Stew with Kale” from Gluten-Free Recipes for the Conscious Cook:

Well, all this talk about cooking and eating is making me hungry… so I am going to cook. Hope you have a great time feasting on your local harvest, too!

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