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organic garlic harvest

I just harvested 80 garlic bulbs from my organic garden. Imagining all the vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, delicious soups, pesto, sauces, dressings, chili, and more that I will cook up this year for personal chef clients and those that come for my organic farm to table classes and organic B&B: tomato sauce, greens in garlic tahini sauce, garlic bread, kale, basil and cilantro pesto,  garlic flavored oils, sweet putanesca sauce, olive tapenade, zesty parsley garlic dressing, chili, minestrone, and more. Mixing and matching the local organic harvest with beans, grains, nuts, seeds, pasta, healthy fats, herbs and spices for tasty immune enhancing meals all year round. Delicious food as medicine. Meals for celebrations, too. First, I will hang it in my shed to dry and cure for winter storage.

Garlic Bread

Quick and Easy Greens in Tahini Sauce, Non Dairy

salad dressing ingredients

Vegetarian Basil Hemp Seed PestoCilantro Hemp Seed Pesto

Sweet Putanesea Pasta Sauce, dairy free and gluten-free

Organic Sweet Potato Chili with Tomatillos


Thanks to Tracey Eller for all photos except the harvested garlic bulbs on Leslie Cerier’s deck, which were taken by Leslie Cerier









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