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Asian Slaw sweetened with maple syrup

Asian Cole Slaw is a popular recipe I like to teach in hands on cooking lessons. These days on zoom.

Last week, I had the pleasure of demonstrated it as a speaker to a group on zoom.  

This delicious, versatile, healthy salad with seasonal organic produce is always a fun presentation. I love offering nutrition information about the ingredients to enhance your immune system. Answering all the questions that come up regarding knife skills, kitchen tools to have on hand, and to how to mix and match the local harvest for infinite variations.   

“That was great, Leslie!  I really appreciate your style, and thanks for sharing your expertise and your space and your time.” 
– Matt Atwood, Programming Librarian, Dickinson Memorial Library, Northfield, MA


I will also teach this recipe as part of a Private Hands on Cooking Class for 2 on Zoom including how to make a miso vegetable soup.

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