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Organic CabbageI experienced so much joy this Thanksgiving preparing many meals and just getting in touch with the sheer happiness of my family being together. The beautiful bounty from my garden and CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) inspired a plethora of culinary delights. In particular, I got to use this giant cabbage that was almost the size of a turkey! It turned into a luscious stew simmered with lentils and African spices. It literally melted in our mouths. And that was only one dish. And why was this stew so good? How does that happen? The day before, I felt burnt out from all the difficulties with the home renovation that I have been dealing with for months to the next day where I felt so joyful and at ease in the same exact kitchen. Why was that? Was it just this particular cabbage or carrot? I don’t think it was just the beautiful food because this happened throughout the whole weekend. I believe it was because I could finally let go of focusing on the problems of the renovation and be present with my family. The garden’s bounty was an inspiration as well as being in my kitchen with my beautiful daughters; cooking together, laughing together, we were able to embue the spirit of gratitude into every meal we shared. When we cooked and ate together, it felt like a feast from the smallest snack to the largest meal. This was what carried me back into my daily routine and into the renovation with balance and patience.

So is food love? Or is sharing food love? Or is love the ultimate nourishment?

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Leslie Cerier, The Organic Gourmet


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