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Leslie Cerier, The Organic Gourmet, Recipe Consultant

Reprinted From the Special Edition: Women’s History Month in the MSBCD Western Regional Office; March 2023 Newsletter

Let’s Celebrate Women’s History Month with Tara Brewster, Leslie Cerier, Allison Ebner, Anita Eliason, Emma Febo, Claudia Pazmany and Lena Redd!

I am honored to be included.

Here is my interview:

Celebrate Women’s History Month with Leslie Cerier

Cook from Your Heart… Because Love is the Tastiest Ingredient.

Leslie Cerier has always loved to cook, and still does. Her approach to cooking is flexibility. As a Personal Chef, she adapts recipes to the seasons and what clients are in the mood for. When giving cooking lessons, she takes into consideration their dietary preferences and whom they are cooking for, including family, friends, or just themselves. She teaches them to cook from their hearts. Choose ingredients that excite them! She teaches them what to stock and makes cooking fun.

She has always been interested in natural healing. She has done a lot of research on nutrition, and dietitians have studied with her, too.

Leslie is a self-taught chef, who now trains chefs worldwide.

Her focus is organic farm to table vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and plant-based cooking and baking for health and pleasure.

Leslie’s focus shifted when her father died suddenly of a brain tumor. She turned her attention to food and healing. She plugged into a local network of alternative health practitioners, who welcomed her. They referred clients to each other, and that naturally grew her practice and reputation.

Because Leslie prepares delicious “food as medicine.” She has cooked healing meals for people with cancer, heart disease, gut issues, food allergies, food sensitivities, and recovering from surgery. Anytime they desire food that is cooked with love, she will make it special for them.

Too Busy to Cook?

And if you are a healthy professional, Leslie offers a week of dinners or for that special occasion. Her personal chef services make life easy for folks that are too busy to cook.

Leslie offers hands-on, organic farm-to-table cooking classes, wellness consultations, personal chef services, menu planning, recipe development for individuals with food sensitivities, natural and organic food companies, even original recipes for product development.

Also, Leslie is a speaker at colleges, conferences, and Zoom.

A cookbook author of several cookbooks, as well as an editor of cookbooks, Leslie loves creating new recipes.

And Leslie’s recipes have appeared in many newspapers, magazines, and food packages such as Bobs Red Mill, and many natural and organic food company’s websites.

Leslie is very grateful to the MSBDC Western Regional Office, specifically senior business advisor Allen Kronick. Leslie states, “Allen gave me great coaching to hold me accountable. He gave advice on pricing, client relations, editing for shorter blogs, and general support/ideas to network. He was a great source of information and provided me with many resources. He gave me amazing encouragement!”

What does Leslie want folks who are considering venturing into their own business to know?

“Follow your gut. Network. Keep moving forward. Pay yourself first. For example, when I used to cater for large events and weddings, I always scheduled bodywork the day after to recharge and replenish.

Being self-employed is amazing! There are always times when you feel you can do no wrong and business is going well. And always keep the faith and enjoy the down time.”

Leslie grew up in New York City. She has a Masters in Movement Sciences and Education from Teachers College, Columbia University NYC.


Leslie Cerier

The Organic Gourmet


Photos by Tracey Eller

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