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Easy Blueberry Sauce on top of Super Coconut Lemon Cake

Yesterday, I got a call from a friend who wanted me to bake his wife a special birthday cake.

Maple syrup sweetened, I made a luscious cake that was gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, and absolutely delicious. And I made a sauce/glaze to be served on top of the cake, and 2 dozen Vegan Almond Apricot Thumb Print cookies. 

Catering to their dietary needs, I created a new organic blueberry sauce with health enhancing elderberry powder. The sauce, sweetened with lucuma powder and maple sugar had a deep blueberry flavor that complements the sweetness of the lemon cake.

I also swapped other ingredients from my original Gluten Free Lemon Coconut Cake recipe that I developed for Nutiva and created a new recipe.

The new cake recipe was moist, lemony, sweet and luscious.

Highly recommend it for a special birthday and even for a vegetarian, gluten free breakfast with yogurt and blueberry sauce.

I enjoy creating new recipes that satisfy the sweet tooth and are also healthy.


Photo by Tracey Eller

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