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Marvelous Meatless Menus, Speaker Events with Leslie Cerier, The Organic Gouremt

Come learn to prepare and think about food in a new way. Vegetarian and professional chef, Leslie Cerier, will show us how to easily create delicious meatless food that will satisfy your palate and your body. This is a no-guilt program and you should attend whether you want to dabble with a few recipes or change your relationship with food altogether. There will be tasty samples for you to try and lots of recipes and ideas to take home. Families and all ages are welcome.

This is a delicious program I am bringing to libraries, colleges, and other venues as a speaker with a power point presentation. Please Email Leslie to set up interviews and book her for a speaking engagement.

We just hosted a program with chef and cookbook author Leslie Cerier that broke all previous records for attendance. people packed our meeting room to learn about meatless meal planning, getting enough protein, CSAs, storage of produce, and much more. We figured that people already know the reasons to go meatless, and we asked her to concentrate on the how.

Leslie is an animated, deeply knowledgeable speaker. The presentation was a spirited dialog with the audience, many of whom filled their notebooks and asked all sorts of great questions. To top off the festivities, our co-sponsor and I made some of Leslie’s dips and main dishes so people could see how tasty meatless cooking can be. I can’t say enough about how well-received and satisfying her presentation was—certainly one of the best I’ve hosted in 20+ years here.

– Kelly Collins,  Director Bolton Public Library, Bolton, MA


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