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Organic Forbidden Rice spring rollsMy daughter Michelle invited me to come to her birthday gathering yesterday and I happily brought along Honey Hazelnut Treats, fresh organic strawberries, and ingredients to make her requested birthday dinner:  Spring rolls with Thai peanut Sauce. Her friends and I made the spring rolls using the fresh mint and chives from my organic herb garden, along with sliced avocado, cilantro, local organic baby kale and arugula.  Every roll had different combinations of greens and herbs and was delicious. Michelle and her friends also made Chocolate Covered Strawberries to round out her fabulous non dairy, vegetarian and gluten-free birthday feast. We also quenched our thirst with home made flavored water infused with h fresh mint sprigs with slices of lemon and lime .

All About the YUM! Food is Love!

Happy Birthday Michelle

Michelle Huber




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