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Miso Ramen noodle Soup

Chilly day! Perfect lunch was a miso ramen noodle soup. Noodles Soup, YUM!

There are quick and easy ingredients to make this tasty soup.

Today, the broth got its flavor from super foods dried goji berries, dried burdock, shiitake mushrooms and Wakame seaweed. Yesterday, I added fresh cut nettles from my kitchen herb garden. You can also use other greens like watercress, bok choy and spinach. Swap out the burdock and even just use a strip of wakame for a quick and easy broth. Today, I added local organic carrots, still sweet, stored from the fall harvest. You can also just use some scallions or chives. Simple is easy.

Chickpea miso made a sweet, delicious, and mildly salty broth. Deeply nourishing and filling.

Feel free to make a simpler soup with and without noodles.  Try other flavors of miso: red, white, aduki, millet, among others. Have fun going wild in your kitchen.


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