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Leslie Cerier in the Esalen Organic Garden picking lettuce

As I was in my garden moving rocks, weeding, planting…bringing new energy into the space, I realized that there was some old energy still in place from another time… years past…Then I had the realization that my garden was just an extension of myself and some old habits that I have been looking to change… What better time than now to get the old out and the new in… quite literally… plants in ground, diets revamped, exercise stepped up.

Surprisingly I realized that I needed to change my diet!

My winter routine was too heavy and Iʼm guessing that my diet might be too rich in saturated fats. So I decided to cut back on my animal proteins ie: (grass fed organic eggs & local organic artisan cheeses). Fresh fruit replaced some of my cacao truffles as snacks.

My old story was that I needed cheese and eggs to get enough protein and be able to sustain hearty activity… Now I might need to reconsider what I need… Can I replace some animal proteins with hemp and chia?

I am learning about the new ways of food combining based on the local harvest. Focusing on reducing saturated fat and cholesterol, I made 2 of my 3 meals vegan and one meal vegetarian (grass fed organic eggs & local artisan cheeses), and surprisingly I have still supported my long garden workouts and hikes. I have felt much lighter and lost weight without any craving…

Being mindful; eating from my own inner guidance instead of my old mental “shoulds”… moderation, not deprivation.

What are the changes you would like to make? Please let me know…Iʼd love to hear from you…

Happy cooking and eating everyone!

Leslie Cerier, The Organic Gourmet in Esalen Organic Garden

Photos by Tracey Eller of Leslie in Esalen Institute Organic Garden

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