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Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all staying well and healthy.

I want to encourage your creative side to follow your instincts and go wild in your kitchen adding, changing or substituting ingredients in existing recipes. Whether you are shopping or growing your own; sometimes, we are missing ingredients and need to make a swap to better suit our dietary preferences, and what we have in stock.

Let’s get started.
You can Boost Immunity with this delicious, quick and easy dressing recipe including substitutions for herbs and oils:

For a show and tell of whole real foods that enhance your immune system with time for Q&A, please join me on Zoom April 26, 11AM-Noon EST for a class on “Foods to Enhance the Immune System”

The cost is a sliding scale of $0-$25 per person.

You must register before April 26 to get the zoom link to join the class.

You will find a class description and registration info:


You can also book private zoom cooking lessons as well as complimentary cooking consultations with me:

Contact me at

Here is a blog about a recent cooking class I taught on Zoom. Please check it out:

And one of my favorite foods for boosting immunity is nettles, a very nourishing and nutritious herb. You can buy it dried in natural foods stores and online. You might have it coming up fresh in your yard or garden. Check out this video from my kitchen for a delicious recipe, cooking tips and nutrition info of super food nettles

And to help with ingredient substitutions, the playful art of mixing and matching ingredients, please check out   my cookbook, Going Wild in the Kitchen (2005)

There are lots of charts and recipe variations in all the recipe chapters. The only ingredient that I do not use anymore is canola oil. I now use organic virgin coconut oil instead of canola oil.

Another blog you might like to check out with more info on what to eat everyday:

You can find more recipes, cooking tips and lots more inspiration for cooking from scratch on my latest blogs:


Also, with Covid 19, I am working from home and only offering cooking lessons, and consultations by phone, Zoom and FaceTime. Please email me  to book sessions and let me know how I can help you stay well.

Last, but not least, Thanks to everyone for their interest in working with me as well as postponing their Gourmet Getaways till we can resume seeing each other in person.

Stay well and hope to see you virtually, soon.
Contact Leslie at

Now on Zoom and FaceTime: Private Cooking Lessons 

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